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10 Amazing Places to Eat OFF the Las Vegas Strip

There are many reasons to visit Las Vegas-the ornate hotels, award-winning shows and world class cuisine are all reasons travelers come to Vegas. In this post I'm featuring the latter; the food.

Tourists in Vegas can choose from hundreds of eateries, on and off the strip. The strip is home to restaurants offering dishes from world-renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller and Wolfgang Puck; to name a few. We moved to Vegas 6 months ago, and this foodie girl has been on a mission to find the tastiest eats in the Valley .

10 Amazing Places to Eat OFF the Vegas Strip

Babystacks Cafe

If you are a breakfast lover, this is the spot for you! I was surprised to see so many breakfast restaurants sprinkled through out the city.  Babystacks has a few locations around the valley, and it's my favorite so far. The selection of pancake flavors are endless. I chose Rocky Road, an explosion of mouth watering goodness topped with creamy icing.

Fantastic Indoor Flea Market 

The flea markets here are half the fun! Until I moved here, I had no idea there were so many.  Fantastic Indoor Flea Market has a few yummy Mexican cafes inside. Elote was calling my name, and it did not disappoint!  If you're visiting Las Vegas on a budget, the flea market food is reasonable and won't empty your wallet.


The best chicken in town is at Canes.   I never heard of Canes until my daughter said to try it. The crispy Texas toast is tasty addition to the soft tender strips of chicken and crinkle fries.  This is definitely the best fast food chicken to ever touch my lips! The ice tea is also the best I've tasted in a long time.

Ume Tea Shop 

Bubble tea anyone? My daughter is a huge fan of Asian teas and always has them on radar . Ume Tea Shop on Flamingo in Las Vegas is one you must try! Every girl will love to sip the day away in this pretty pink palace. The exterior is deceptive to the instagram worthy interior when you step inside. I ordered a blended Matcha tea and it was delish!

Hola Mexican Cocina and Cantina

Las Vegas has enough Mexican restaurants to try for each day of the year.  We've visited a few since moving here in June. Hola Cantina cuisine has flavor bursting in every bite. This is not your typical Latin food. The drinks and food were delicious and had unique flavor. Hola Cantina is an  excellent dining experience you'll savor for weeks.

Food Trucks 

Food trucks are sometimes the best way to check out local eats and flavors.  Henderson, a city SE of Las Vegas; hosts events downtown with food trucks. This summer when it was 117 degrees, I found the snow cone truck right quick! Visitors will love the vintage vibe on Water Street. 

U Shabu

We had some family milestones to celebrate, so my daughter treated us to HOT POT at Ushabu Las Vegas.  It was the first time for this type of dining experience.  Cooking veggies and meat at your own table, was lots of fun!  Ushabu offers all you can eat at lunch and dinner for reasonable prices.  The flavors were outstanding. I can't wait to go back!

Tony's Pizza- Slice House 

The hugest, yummy pieces of pizza await you at Tony's.  This pizzeria offering unique flavors is located on the 2nd floor of Green Valley casino, in the food court.  Pizza Rock is a full service restaurant; a few steps away and operated by the same owner. It's quite delish too, and the happy hour prices are perfect.


Tacotarian is the spot to find healthy vegan options for tacos. I was skeptical about trying a vegetarian taco, but was pleasantly surprised. The tacos are ordered and served fast food style, but don't taste like fast food.

The menu has a huge selection, it was hard to choose!  I didn't choose any tacos with vegan meat. The selection I ordered was loaded with creamy good sauce and stuffed with lots of veggies. All orders are taken at the counter.  Dining is available inside or in the beautiful outside courtyard. 

Leone Cafe

This past weekend I ventured up north to Summerlin. I stumbled upon this French inspired eatery. Leone Cafe is located at Tivoli Village, an outdoor mall with European architecture. The green matcha latte was to die for! If you venture off the strip, do check this place out! We went back for lunch a few days later and the food was equally amazing.

Of course there are thousands of OFF THE STRIP choices for cuisine. I may update this list later, once I've had the chance to check out more spots. I hope this helps you plan a fun foodie tour off the strip, next time you visit Vegas.

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Do you dine off the Strip when you visit Vegas? 

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  1. I'd love to return to Vegas. The only time I've ever visited was back in 2008/2009 Christmas and New Year. We ate the most wonderful food...lots of very unhealthy stuff lol. Now though, my husband and I are both vegan so it's good to know that we would be catered for should we ever return (which we hope to in the not too distant future!).
    Suzy (The Grey Brunette) x

  2. I've not been to Vegas for over 12 years, but loved the buffets on the strip, we've also eaten in some fab places on the outskirts. Thanks for linking with #pocolo

  3. Thanks for showing that Vegas offers plenty of interesting places to eat OFF the famous strip. Thank your for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 49.

  4. Our favorite off the strip place is very fancy- Lawry's The Prime Rib. The food and service are unlike any we've ever experienced.

  5. Yum!!! Thank you for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 56.

  6. It's been while since I've been to Vegas but still find myself wanting to go back just for the food choices
    Thanks for linking with #pocolo