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Vancouver B.C: Best Things to do on Granville Island

I was raised in Vancouver area and am sharing all the fun things to do on Granville Island, downtown Vancouver.    PIN THIS POST FOR LATER  This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click through I may a small commission.  This little island paradise is so quaint and has a beautiful maritime ambience.  Once you arrive you just want to sit and take in the breathtaking scenery all day!   Granville Island  is a man made isle. It was originally created from land fill, and 2 sandbars from the surrounding body of water called False Creek.  Back in the day it was actually an island, but now is connected to the mainland by a road and rail bridge.    The Public Market This market is the king of Vancouver destinations.  It has a fascinating assortment of homemade products featuring local entrepreneurs.  Close your eyes, picture and smell the rich aromas coming from the mouth watering displays of food, warm baked goods, and plump fruit. This lychee fruit looks so uni

10 Amazing Places to Eat OFF the Las Vegas Strip

There are many reasons to visit Las Vegas -the ornate hotels, award-winning shows and world class cuisine are all reasons travelers come to Vegas. In this post I'm featuring the latter; the food.