Friday, October 28, 2016

Bellevue Fashion Week 2016: Fall's Top Trends

September is usually a whirlwind month in the world of fashion.  Anywhere that is a major fashion hub has a fashion week to showcase all the latest trends for the upcoming season. I am a little late getting this post up, but hopefully you will enjoy it anyway!

Not to worry though, right here in the Seattle area is one of the premier fashion events in the country.  Bellevue Fashion Week is sponsored and presented by the Bellevue Collection.  It is interesting to see how the trends differ from year to year. Check out last year's trend show with Rachel Zoe here.

The collection includes Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square, and Bellevue Place: The Northwest's finest dining, luxury hotels, nightlife, and shopping are all found in this lovely hub east of Seattle.

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                                                    Photo: Bellevue Fashion Week Website

I did not get to take in all the events of the week, but most of them!  It was exciting to attend the shows on a media pass. It was the ultimate fun experience: hanging out with my blogger friends, shopping, and of course catching up on the hot styles for fall.

                                       Monique is a great friend, she blogs at Mon Chic Style

Front Row Fashion:

The first event I attended was the press luncheon. It was held in the Evergreen Ball Room of the Hyatt Regency, what a beautiful venue.  The food was amazing and the trend report by Cara Crowley(Vogue Magazine) was superb.

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On Thursday night was the Independent Runway Show. Unfortunately I was not in town for this one.  Nine Northwest fashion designers showcased their collections to compete for  a $5000 cash prize. It is a culmination of a 6 month mentorship program to foster the growth of fashion designers in the area.

Friday night was fun at the Posh Party Trend ShowBellevue Life Spring is the chosen beneficiary of the proceeds from this show. It is am amazing fund raiser event that gives right back to the local community. I love that this event helps 3700 children living in poverty have a chance at a brighter future.

Fashion Forecast

Saturday was a full day of events.  The Fashion Forecast with Vogue Market Stylist Cara Crowley( as mentioned earlier) is a free event held in center court of Bellevue Square.  I always attend this event , even if I can't make it to the rest.  Every year Cara does a brief question and answer session about the trends she's talked about. If you are the first one to answer, exciting prizes can be yours!  Yay!.this time I finally got my hand up fast enough, and away I went with a gift certificate to shop!  Happy girl!

Popular Trends at the show:

fashionforecast, belllevuesquare, fashionshow, bellevuefashionweek, fashionbloggerbl
                                                   NIGHT MOVES                                                     

fashion week, bellevuecollection, bellevuesquare, guyswithsytle
                                                            ONE OF THE GUYS

                                                    SIDEWALK STUNNERS

                                                            INTERIOR MOTIVES

trend, allaflutter, bellevuefashionweek, bellevuesquare, fashionblogger
                                                       REBEL WITH A CAUSE
fashionweek, manmeetsmachine, bellevuecollection, bellevuesqure, fashionblogger, fashionweek
                                                       MAN MEETS MACHINE

                                                                     ALL AFLUTTER

Last but not least is the best show of the week "Front Row Fashion Runway Show", presented by Vogue.  This event is always sells out soon, and worth every penny if you get the chance to go. Everyone is dressed to kill, and its fun to observe all the unique outfits on the attendees , as well as the models!

Well fashionistas, that's it for this time. Next on the agenda for me is New York Fashion Week in February. I have never been, and am looking forward to sharing that experience with you all.

What is your favorite fall trend this year? I love bomber jackets and  all the seventies looks that continue to be popular.

As always thanks for following along and taking time to stop by here! 

                                                       XO VALERIE

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    1. IT was a lot of fun Kimberly, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks like such a fun event! I want all of these looks to magically appear in my closet!

    Greta |

    1. Ha ha Greta, exactly..I need to win the lotto to keep up with my wardrobe wants! Thanks for coming by!!


  3. How fun! I have a stylist friend (very tall black dude) who is there all the time and talks about how great the experience is. I hope you had a wonderful time. :-)

    1. Hi Heather,

      Hmm I wonder who that might be, I ran onto so many cool people! Thank you for coming by!

  4. I love fashion shows!! This one looked amazing!!

    1. So much fun Ruthie, I never get tired of them, have a great day lovely!

  5. I won a trip to Milan awhile back for a fashion show. It was so much fun! I would jump at another chance to go!

  6. Looks like a great time! We just had Phoenix Fashion Week here in Arizona, so I love seeing all the other Fashion Weeks around the country!

    - Nicole @

    1. Hey Nicole, I would love to attend fashion week there, I wasn't sure how much the fashion scene was alive in Phoenix, so good to hear. I actually have considered moving there to have easier access to so spendy to live in CA!

  7. How fun! I would love to attend a fashion week someday!

    1. thank you Susannah, make your plans for next year...its so fun in Bellevue!

  8. You look fabulous as always, Val! Great recap and photos of the fashion week, you made me see it through your post (not so sad that I had to miss it anymore, haha)!
    xx, Kusum |

    1. Thank you dear friend, I Miss you and thanks for stopping by, hope to see you son Kussum!


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