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1 Day Seattle Southside Itinerary: The Perfect Spring Daytrip

Are you looking for the perfect spring break getaway close to home? Look no further! If you live in WA State or are visiting the area, Seattle Southside has lots to offer.  Most tourists are aware of the attractions offered downtown Seattle, but may not know the gems awaiting in the south!

This 1 day Seattle Southside itinerary offers a step by step guide for a fun day trip for spring break, or anytime of year. Our family spent a fun packed day this past Saturday on a media tour. Always take time to explore your own backyard.For an absolutely perfect one day in Seattle Southside utilize these practical tips based on your travel style or needs. Seattle Southside includes the cities of Tukwila, Seatac and Des Moines.

*This post is in collaboration with Seattle Southside Tourism Authority. We were hosted at the following businesses for a media tour. All opinions & photography are my own.( Hot Air balloon image only: courtesy of Seattle Southside)*

Seattle Southside Spring Break Itinerary

We reccomend arriving early in the day to do a tour of Seattle Southside. You will need to jump on a few different freeways; the traffic can get busy even on weekends. To avoid being stuck on the road, plan your schedule accordinly.  

Westfield Southcenter

Dine explore and shop til you drop at  Westfield Southcenter . The mall is the largest in the Seattle metro area, and  offers a fantastic fashion and endless shopping. Make sure you stop at "Seafood City" featuring foods and delicacies from the far East. We sampled an Ube bagel with cream cheese, so yummy!

Daiso Japan is a specialty store and one you must check out.! Daiso is jam packed with fun stationary finds, sweet treats, home goods and unique micellaneous items . Give yourself at least an hour to explore, the store is truly addicting ha! It's the first stop when I shop at Soutcenter Mall.

Just in time for spring,  J.C. Penny is loaded with the best fashion finds for the season. We popped in and drooled over spring outfits and dresses. Amazing  fashion finds also  await at Macy's, Nordstroms and other small retailers.

RBG Bar & Grill- Radisson Hotel Seatac

After you're done shopping head to International Blvd for lunch at RBG Bar & Grill, the classy eatery at Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport. Our tastebuds were on overload, all 3 meals served were 5 Star quality. The tator tot appetizer was unique and yummy too!  I'm still savoring the taste of the panko coated salmon I devoured.

Recommended Dishes 
  • Bacon & Jalapeno Cream Tator Tots
  • Salmon and Chips: panko crusted , served with french fries and tasty coleslaw ( or substitude a salad upon request)
  • Smoked Salmon Fettuccini: garlic cream sauce, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, capers, red bell peppers and onions
  • Mushroom Chicken Breast: swiss cheese, wild mushrooms, roasted vegetables and cremy polenta.

For a pre -flight meal or layover in Seattle, this restuarant is the perfect solution to a quick tasty meal. The staff are very welcoming, and excellent service all around!

Seattle Chocolate 

Who doesn't love chocolate?! I've met a few who are not fans, but I can't imagine it!  Get your chocolate experience on at Seattle Chocolate Factory Tour.  This was a highlight of our Seattle Southside Itinerary.  Oh my so much goodness packed under one roof! 

I've tasted a few flavors of Seattle Chocolate , but had never been to the factory.  It was great to learn  the history of this iconic Seatttle business.  The chocolate factory was orginally located in downtown Seattle. After damage from the Nisqually Earthquake in 2001, operations were moved to Tuwila in south Seattle. 

The tour lasts about an hour and is off the charts amazing! You will start with a taste test of decadent liquid chocloate and some nibs as well.  Next is a video of the history,  the ownership and current operations.  It's very interesting to learn how the journey of chocolate starts from the cacoa bean. 

The tour guide brought around the big bean to check out. Wow it's much larger than I imagined.
After this you'll proceed behind closed doors, to grab a sneak peak where chocolate production takes place.

You will feel like Charlie in the Chocolate factory for just a moment. First up is sample station, where a champagne truffle melts away in your mouth. Just like real champagne, it fizzles and pops! If you are an " I Love Lucy Fan", her famous chocolate factory episode lives on at Seattle Chocolate.  A full sized mural provides a fun backdrop for a photo at the end of the tour. Photography is otherwise banned inside the factory.

A new divsion of Seattle Chocolate " Jcoco" draws inspiration from the culinary arts. Each of the ten flavors tells a unique story about the origins and cuisines that inspire the team. Fan favorites include Black Fig Pistachio in dark chocolate and Cayenne Veracruz Orange in White Chocolate. I certainly can attest to the latter; so good!

Chocolate Fights Hunger

During our tour we learned Seattle Chocolate gives back and strives to make an impact on communites. Currently, a portion of the proceeds from all jcoco sales, are dontated to food bank partners fighting hunger on the front lines.  Partners in the mission are: Norwest Harvest, Food Bank for New York City and SF-Marin Food Bank.

Des Moines Beach Park

Halfway through our Seattle Southside Itinerary, we took a break for some fresh northwest air. This beautiful park is located in the heart of the city with stunning ocean views.  We visited on the first day of spring.  Of course we were welcomed by a big dose of wind and rain! At least we knew what to expect and felt right at home.

Des Moines Beach Park offers amazing scenery and is a popular event destination in the city of Des Moines. We hope to come back and explore more on a sunny day.

Another spectacular Seattle summer is upon us, so do check the wide selection of rentals offered. The faclities can comfortably hold between 40-400 guests. Both shelters and wide open spaces are available for birthday parties, weddings with picturesque Northwest scenes. The Marina at the park is also a venue to host exciting events such as farmer's markets, car and boat shows.

Waterland Arcade

Throw back to your childhood at Waterland Aracade . Looking for a day or evening experience to entertain the whole family? This is the place!  Both Pacman and Ms. Pacman were calling me by name. I gave both machines a good work out. Many of the games brought back fun memories of growing up in Canada in the seventies.  

This neighborhood arcade for families is located in the beautiful marina district of Des Moines. Fifty classic arcade and pinball games await you for a fun packed experience, along with 40 craft beers and ciders.  Waterland Arcade offers unending fun, at an affordable price of $19.00 per family.

If a birthday party or special celebration is on your calender, Waterland Arcade offers private party rentals. Live music is offered on Tuesday night.  The decorative walls painted by local artists adds a fun vibe to the acarde too!  Check the website for an update on operating hours, as the arcade recently reopened.

Chontong Thai Cuisine

Exceptional Thai cuisine finished our tour off strong in Seattle Southside. Wether you are a long time fan of Thai food or it's your 1st taste: Chontong Thai Cuisine is a must visit  destination!  We were served a 7 course meal  encompassing all the amazing tastes of Thailand.

For most of the family, it was the first time to eat Thai food. I'm now a fan, and can't wait to try more dishes offered on the menu.  The ladies cooking and serving the food were delightful, and so entertaining! The experience was very interactive and immersive. The Thai culture definitely comes alive when you dine here. It is an unforgettabe experience you won't soon forget.

The Lalop leave appetizer picture above was the best, ohhh so good!  Thai tea was a favorite too.

This eatery is the perfect place to relax and enjoy top quality ethnic cuisine. Chontong Thai is conveniently located near the Seatac Airport, just a few minutes by car. Again, a great choice for a layover or pre flight meal.

Recommeded dishes

  • Appetizer Platter: Potstickers, fried tofu, crab delight, spring roll and prawn in a blanket
  •  Meang Kum: fill LaLop leaves with shallots, peanutss, roasted coconut, lime chiles and ginger Served with homemade sweet sauce 
  • Soup: Coconut milk base with mushrooms, tomato, cilantro, lemongrass, kalanga roots , lime leave, lime juice and meat or tofu  ( THIS SOUP WAS TO DIE FOR!) 
  • Sweet and Sour: Stir fried cucumber, tomato, onion, pineapple, bell peppers & meat or tofu
  • Pad Thai: Fried rice noodles with egg, ground peanuts, bean sprouts, green onions & meat or tofu
  • Crab Fried Rice: Fried rice with crab meat , carrot , egg & green onion
  • Mango and Sticky Rice: Dessert 
  • Thai Iced Tea: Delicious and creamy 

And...it's a wrap! This completes our 1 day Seattle Southside Itinerary . Do follow them on instagram  and facebook for the latest updates!  

We would like to thank Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority and all the brands/businesess who hosted us for this tour.

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  1. I've done brewery tours but never a chocolate factory tour before, this sounds like a blast! So many great things to do in Seattle Southside.

  2. It seems like a great area to visit for the day! I love how many different varieties of activities there are to do.

  3. My husband used to fly into Seattle quite often at his old job. I always wanted to go with him one time, but never did. We'll have to go back. That Daiso Japan store looks really fun and I am sure I could spend over an hour there. I love Thai food and Thai tea is my favorite creamy drink to go with my meal!