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Iconic Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas Closes : 10 Epic Facts + Photos

Tropicana Las Vegas Closure, Las Vegas Strip

Welcome back to Maple Leopard. Today we are sharing photos, memories and facts of  the Tropicana Las Vegas, located on the Strip for 67 legendary years.

Grand Opening

The Tropicana in Las Vegas made ist grand opening debut on April 4th, 1957.  Located on Las Vegas Blvd, it was surrounded by wide open desert and promised to be a "desert oasis.".  The lavish casino resort, coast 1.5 million to build and was the most spendy and opulent casino on the strip during that era.

Tropicana views, Tropicana Resort Las Vegas

Opulenace and Elegance

The Tropicana was nicknamed the "Tiffany of the Strip", as it boasted luxurious features. It had a total of 300 rooms, split into two wings creating a footprint shaped like the letter Y.  Every room had a balcony.

Between the wings was a half-moon pool decorated with lush landscaping and towering palm trees.The white and red palace had a  60-foot tulip fountain greeted guests at the entrance. Mosaic tiles adorned the interior.

Tropicana Las Vegas Closure, Tropicana Hotel Legendary Icon

Mob Connections

Behind the scenes, the Tropicana Resort had ties to the mob. Reputed mobster Frank Costello was linked to the casino. Just weeks after it opened, Costello was shot in the head in New York. The police found a note in his coat pocket with the Tropicana's exact earning amount. This note also mentioned 
" money to be skimmed" for Costello's bad boy associates.

Tropicana Las vegas, Tropicana Hotel Closure


Over the years, the Tropicana went throuh two major expansions of the hotel. The Tiffany Tower renamed the Paradise Tower, opened in 1979 with 600 rooms. In 1986 , the Island Tower added 800 more rooms to the resort.

Tropicana Hotel Red Bamboo, Tropicana las vegas

Colorful Events

The Tropicana hosted many colorful events over its lifetime. It was where the popular musical " Mamma Mia!" closed up after 3 months, despite running successfully for 6 years at Mandalay Bay.  Other shows such as " Cherry Boom Boom", "Raiding the Rock Vault" and "Imaginarium" also found their home at the Tropicana.

Tropicana Lavazza Coffee Shop, Tropicana Las Vegas, Tropicana Hotel Closes

Mob Attraction

Beyond the glitz and glam, the Tropicana had its share of interigue. Its mob connections continuted to be a popular topic of interest. The casino's storied past, included ties to organized crime figures.

Tropicana las Vegas Stained Glass

Sleepier Years

While the Tropicana shone brightly during earlier times, it experienced quieter periods amid the rise of mega resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. Regardless, it did remain as a familiar landmark in a city known for constant reinvention.

(Rumor is: the stained glass as shown abobe; will be preseved and show up somewhere in the new stadium. I hope so!)

Tropicana Las Vegas Courtyard, Tropicana Las Vegas Closure

Final Closure

After welcoming guests for 67 yuears, the Tropicana Las Vegas officially closed its doors on April 2nd, 2024.  Sadly, the resort is being torn down to make way for a Major League Baseball stadium. The new venue will be home to the relocating Oakland Atheltics, marking Las Vegas' latest rebrand as a hub for the best in sports entertainment.

Many locals and tourists aren'tt happy about the Tropicana being imploded for the new stadium. Hundreds of  tourists and residents returned to get one last look at the doomed resort, including myself!

Tropicana Hotel Front Door View

Demolition Plans

Demolition of the Tropicana Las Vegas is scheduled for October. Its legacy will live on as one of Sin City's most iconic landmarks. The memories and stories will go down in Las Vegas's vibrant history. It's sad to think about the Tropicana no longer dotting the landscape of the Vegas Strip.

Tropicana Pool Las Vegas, Tropicana Vegas Pool Views

Jewel of Sin City's Past

The Tropicana Resort Las Vegas, once the "Tiffany of the Strip" now stands as a treasured jewel of Vegas' past; bidding a tearful farewell after a remarkable journey of seven decades.

Final Thoughts on the Tropicana Las Vegas Closure

I 'm so happy I was nearby to make memories at the Tropicana Resort, during the end days . Undoubtedly this hotel will be cherished and be remembered for all of time.  Enjoy photos of the Vintage Tropicana from its early days of operation below.

Vintage Tropicana Las Vegas
                                                               Photo Credit: Fox 5 News Vegas

vintage vegas, vintage Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas
Photo Credit: Fox 5 News Vegas

Vintage Las Vegas, Vintage Tropicana Las Vegas
Photo Credit: Fox 5 News Vegas

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