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Top 7 Amalfi Coast Private Boat Tours

Welcome to our 2nd feature about touring the Amalfi Coast. Perhaps a sailing adventure to this sought after area of Italy is on your mind!

Come with us now to discover top boat tours on the Amalfi Coast. This rugged coastline is best explored onboard a vessel.   Sorrento Voyage offers epic sailings on the Mediterranean Sea : CAPRI, POSITANO, AMALFI, LI GALLI, ISCHIA and PROCIDA 


On this  Amalfi Coast Boat tour you will set sail for the tour of a lifetime. The bright colored villages hugging the coastline, paint an amazing show of hues as you pass on the boat. Get ready for an exciting adventure, as you disembark to explore the town of Positano!

Enjoy old town vibes with cobbled streets, indulge in delcious local cuisine or enjoy a beautiful walk along the beach.  After the tour resumes, be mesmerized by the majesty of the Emerald Grotto. It's one of the natural wonders of the Amalifi Coast!

gozzo sorrentino, amalfi coast boat tour
This small karst cave was formed naturally over time, and gradually filled with seawater. The reflections of light filtering through the water; create a magical effect. The views are breathtaking. Keep your camera handy to capture this experience of illumination!


  • Positano: Vivid Colors and Enchanting Beaches
  • Praiano: A Stop of Quietness and Beauty
  • Amalfi: Historical Tresuares and Maritime Vibes
  • An Unforgettable Boat Tour Under the Amalfi Coast Sun


This exclusive Capri Boat Tour is one you don't want to miss! Why? ...because this tour is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE ! This allows you to explore the majestic beauty of Capri at your leisure.

The sailing around Capri has amazing options to choose from including: snorkeling, gourmet lunch on board or a romantic sunset dinner.  Sorrento Voyage has you covered with EVERY DETAIL, to make your adventure at sea- unforgettable!

Capri Boat Tour, Gozza Sorrentino

Onboard the luxurious Sorrento Gozzo you will experience the ultimate in comfort and style. Crystal clear waters await you in the Gulf of Naples. Each stop of this tour offers scenic views and lots of history.


  • Explore the Beauty of Capri : Unforgettable Boat Tour on Gozzo Sorrentino
  • The Amazing Blue Grotto and Marina Grande
  • Admiring the Faraglioni
  • A Culinary Explosion: Tasty delights at Marina Piccola, Followed by a Scenic Return to Sorrento


Are you looking for an extra-ordinary adventure in Dolce Vita? The best luxury boat tours Amalfi Coast wlll fulfill your every dream!  An Amalfi Coast yacht tour is the ultimate Mediterranean vacay, and a true taste of life in Italy! 

Are yacht tours worth it? 

Instead of having to hire your own crew, and pay their salaries- a boat charter simply lets one enjoy a preferred boat: captain and crew included.  You can actually customize your entire experience, based off of your crew expectations.

luxury yacht tour, amalfi coast


  • Spend the Day on a Yacht: Tailor Made Experience
  • Amalfi Coast and Capri: Discover Blue Grotto, Positano and Faraglioni Rocks
  • Exclusive Lunch Onbard Prepared by a Private Chef
  • Relaxation Time


Imagine the joy of sailing on a private yacht around the island of Capri?!  This means leaving the cares of the day behind, and chasing the sun with time on the Mediterranean.

 This will be a day well spent with happy memories for a lifetime. On this exclusive  Capri Yacht Tour, you will be whisked away to an opulent adventure.

capri yacht tour, amalfi coast, italy

Every wave is an invitation to luxury and every cliff a display of breathtaking art! The elegance of the yacht offers first class comforts and impeccable concierge service.


  • Exploring Capri with Elegance Aboard a Luxury Yacht
  • Pass by of the Iconic Faraglioni
  • Marina Piccola Bay: Relax, Swim & Admire Breathtaking Views
  • Lunch Onboard: An Exquisite Top Notch Culinary Experience
  • Panoramic Views of the Spectacular Green Grotto and White Grotto
  • A Customized Sailing through Capri's Exclusive Waters


If you are planning a trip to Italy with a partner, the Sorrento sunset boat tour is magical! Embark on a very memorable experience filled with luxury, relaxation and stunner sunset views.

Imagine a tranquil evening aboard a vessel desinged for romance!  Every detail of this sailing will be meticuloulsy curated to elevate your journey.

romantic sunset tour, amalfi coast romantic boat tour

As you sail on the Sorrentine Coast, the staff will be at your service to ensure a worry free experience. This is the ultimate adventure to spoil the special person in your life! Onboard the elegant boat; couples can enjoy soft music or intimate moments on a spacious deck. 


  • Enchanting Landscapes of the Sorrento Coast
  • Romantic Stop in the Bay of leranto
  • Exclusive Sunset Aperitif
  • Panoramic Twighlight Lights
  • Return to Sorrento Port


What is so special about a catamaran? They are larger, more stable boats. This means in most situations, they are safer than comparably sized one hull boats. A catamran is the ultimate choice for comfort and class, while sailing the Amalfi Coast.

For crusing the waters of Italy, a catamaran tour offers everything you need for exploring Sorrento and Capri...worry free!

Catamaran boat tour italy, amalfi coast boats

On this catamaran tour you will discover and explore some of the most sought after destinations in the world.  This type of boat can take you to many places, including protected nature areas.  On your exclusive tour you can spot magical sea creatures, including dolphins!  The most beautiful flora and fauna awaits you on these waters!


  • Sail Between Elegance and Awe
  • Capri: the Enchanged Island
  • Sorrento: the Pearl of the Gulf
  • Immersion in Luxury & Adventure: First Class Service and Exquisite Interiors


Are you a cruise addict, and want to forego the mega ship experience?  An Amalifi Coast Weekly Cruise is calling your name! This mini cruise around the coast is a mult-day adventure through the waters of Sorrento and neighboring gems.

Bask in the breezes of the Mediterranean as you discover breathtaking destinations with every turn. On board you will experience detailed and customized service, with all the comforts you've been dreaming of on a yacht.

mini cruise amalfi coast, amalfi coast cruise

This is a 7 day cruise, and on day 8 you will disembark. The yacht will sail through the crystalline waters of the Gulf of Neapoles.  Excitement will overtake, as you journey through enchanted islands of the Amalfi Coast.


  • Luxury Minicruise exploring the Wonders of Sorrento and Beyond.
  • Customized Itinerary
  • Day 1: Cruise toward Ventatine Island
  • Day 2: Sail to Palamora for a beach day, then to Ponza for the night
  • Day 3: Stop at Ischia, Bay of Cartaromana, and option for Casamicciola Terme Port
  • Day 4: Capri and the Blue Grotto, Along with Faraglioni; eve at Marina Piccola
  • Day 5:  Sail the Amalfi Coast: stops in Praiano, Furore Fjord, Conca dei Marini and Positano. Night spent in Amalfi
  • Day 6: Arrival in Positano with Lunch in Nerano; Overnight Stop will be in Sorrento
  • Day 7:Full day- Sorrento; Limoncello Sampling, Cathedral Visit. Night in Sorrento/Marina di Stabia Port.
  • Day 8: Disembarkation

If you are thinking of an Amalfi Coast Private Boat Tour, do reserve many months in advance. This truly is the best way to experience coastal Italy in a short time! For the latest updates from Sorrento Voyage , do follow on Instagram!  If you loved this post...we love shares on social media, thank you.

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