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The Best Cooking Class in Sorrento Italy

Welcome to Maple Leopard and thanks for visiting! Today we are featuring the Best Cooking Class in Sorrento for your visit to the Amalfi Coast.

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The Amalfi Coast is a dreamy and popular jet set destinaton, in beautiful Southern Italy. It was named  a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. There is no better setting to experience a  cooking class than on the Almalfi Coast. Enjoy stunning coastline views and breathtaking terrain, while learning to cook like a local.

Join us on the Amalfi Coast to explore the Best Cooking Class in Sorrento 

cooking class in Sorrento

Neopolitan Pizza Cooking Class in Sorrento

Are you a pizza lover; and dream of cooking in the country where pizza was made famous? Look no further than the best cooking school offered by Sorrento Voyage . The Neopolitan pizza cooking class in Sorrento is one of 5 Best Amalfi Coast cooking classes; for your trip to Italy!

The Neopolitan Pizza Cooking Class in Sorrento will teach you ancient prepartion and cooking techniques, passed down from generations. It's not just a course; it's a journey into Italian culture with "hands on experience."  This is a very exciting and authentic activity you won't soon forget! 


  • Welcome and tasting of local olive oil and mozerella
  • Pizza dough prep-hands on lesson
  • How to make authentic Limoncello 
  • Creative dessert making: nutella pizza
  • Final Tasting

Fresh Pasta Cooking Class in Sorrento

Creamy rich ragu and other pasta dishes such as: ravioli, capresi, gnocchi and more await you! This fresh pasta cooking class in Sorrento offers a fun and interactive culinary experience.  Homemade pasta is the heart of Italian cuisine. The 5 best Amalifi Coast cooking classes offer high-quality, and locally sourced ingredients. 

Local grown veggie have a strong correlation to better nutrition and good health. This is what I love about cuisine in Italy; its always fresh and healthy!

fresh pasta cooking class in Sorrento, cooking class Italy, Amalfi Coast

In this class you will taste amazing menu favorites that tell stories of passion and the culinary traditions of the Amalfi Coast. When the class concludes, enjoy your creations over a meal with classmates and friends.


  • Hands on cooking class: gather local vegetables and cook dishes with your own hands 
  • Neopolitan Fried Pizza  local Italian first course: ravioli, caprese or gnocchi
  • Neopolitan traditional dish: eggplant parmigiana
  • How to make authentic Limoncello
  • Make dessert: classic Tiramisu flavored with coffee or limoncello
  • Final tasting

Private Chef at Home in Sorrento 

If you have a residence in Sorrento or vacation rental; you can hire a private chef at home in Sorrento to experience Italian cooking. How exciting is that?! The chef will travel to your place and provide an extra-ordinary experience; tailored as you want it. 

For an unforgettable night, you can also choose a starlight dinner with the Amalfi Coast as a backdrop. Not only is this a fantastic option for locals, but for travelers as well.   A chef coming to a rented villa or accomodation...what a fantastic experience to remember for years to come!

private chef at home in Sorrento

From beginning to end, Sorrento Voyage will take care of everything. You can sit back and relax, and enjoy this immersive experience.


  • Customized menu
  • Unique dining experiences
  • Venue flexibility
  • High quality ingredients used
  • Celebratory and special events
  • Private cooking events
  • Coordination with other services

Cooking Class in Sorrento with Garden Tour

If you love garden life and have one at home, you will especially love this cooking class in Sorrento with a garden tour!  Sorrento Voyage Cooking School offers the opportunity for novice to experienced cooks; to learn the traditions of Mediterranean cuisine.

The lush gardens of Sorrento will welcome you to a very special culinary journey. Enjoy a walk through breathtaking gardens, where you will pick and sample fresh ingredients. This is a very fun Italian cooking adventure; and great way to invest in your culinary skills. 

cooking class in sorrento with garden tour


All the PIZZA and PASTA classes DO include a garden tour with harvest and pick up of seasonal vegetables.


  • Cooking Class Neopolitan Pizza
  • Cooking like a local
  • Garden tour and seasonal vegetable harvest

Exclusive Catamaran Cooking School

Can you imagine learning to cook like a local in Itay, aboard a Catamaran?  Take your imagination with you, fulfill your dreams and head to the Amalfi Coast for a cooking adventure! It's available by booking a course with the exclusive catamaran cooking school offered by Sorrento Voyage.

In the Gulf of Naples you will emabark on an extraordinary culinary journey.  The cooking lessons you learn will take on new meaning as you cruise the Amalfi Coast near Sorrento and Capri. 

exclusive catamaran cooking school

The relaxing ambiance onboard the catamaran, will provide an amazing atmosphere for your culinary class at sea. This is the tour of a lifetime for those seeking an authentic adventure. The catamaran cooking class combines stupendous coastal views with tasty Italian Cuisine!


  • Cooking Class onboard catamaran: Enchanting waters ofCapri, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast
  • Tasty adventure with cooking lesson and breathtaking views
  • Lesson onboard using local fresh ingredients
  • A unique tasting experience surrounded by beauty of the sea: taste test your creations, served with hand selected local wines
  • Share laughter and stories, and enjoy friends with the cozy atmospher of the catmaran
  • Upon completion savor a memorable gastronomic experience 


Italy and Sorrento Voyage can't wait to welcome you...To the Best Cooking Class in Sorrento! It's best to reserve the classes far in advance, they fill up fast.  Follow Sorrento Voyage on Instagram for  cooking class updates and Amalfi Coast imagery!


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