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Freedom Boat Club Puget Sound: How Does it Work?

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                * This post is in collaboration with Freedom Boat Club of Puget Sound.  All opinions are my own.

One of the best parts of summer, is being out on a boat. Some of the most scenic views of the Puget Sound can only be seen from a vessel on the water. I have never owned a boat. Every year when summertime arrives, I'm wishing I did!  When you travel to a waterside destination: boating is a great way to discover highlights of the area.

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with Freedom Boat Club of Puget Sound.  I and a friend were treated to a ride in the Puget Sound, and so enjoyed the beautiful sights. Freedom Boat Club is a boat club Membership available in 180 + locations worldwide.  Each club is privately owned as a franchise.

The Puget Sound Club is owned by Shawn Ottenbreit and includes locations in: Tacoma, Olympia and Bremerton. There are many options for membership: think of it as a timeshare for boating.


They Buy and Maintain Boats

Joining a boat club means:

NO maintenance,
NO cleaning
NO hassles

The Puget Sound Freedom Club Fleet includes: Aluminum Fishing Boats, Cuddy Cruisers, Bow Riders, Pontoon Boats, Pilot Houses and Walk Arounds.

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You Join the Club

Freedom Boat Club vs. Boat Ownership:  Think about which option best suits your lifestyle and budget. There are major differences between owning a boat and becoming a member of a boat club. Each option offers great service and adventure for boaters. In addition, each has its own unique benefits.

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Get Unlimited Free Training

All memberships include unlimited training. For the duration of your membership, you can take courses to boat safe and have fun.

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Reserve a Boat and Enjoy

As mentioned earlier, Freedom Boat Club has over 180 locations worldwide. Full time members get reciprocal access in 31 States, Canada and Europe. Many breathtaking sights await you, like these at the Bremerton Marina.

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Boattravel, boatclub, freedomboatclub, Pugetsound

2019 Freedom Boat Membership Options
  • Freedom Boating Plan: Most popular plan, unlimited, year around boating. Boating at 175+ clubs nationwide
  • Weekday Boating Plan: Unlimited, Mon-Fri, year-around, local boating. Boating at 175+ clubs nationwide
  • Friends and Family Plan: Two couples share one membership.  Unlimited, shared, year-round, local boating. Boating at 175+ clubs nationwide
  • Corporate Boating Plan: Up to four individuals share one membership. Unlimited, shared, year-round, local boating. Boating at 175+ clubs worldwide.\
    ** For information on pricing and memberships, contact Freedom Boat Club of Puget Sound

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Ownership vs. Freedom Boat Club

There are many aspects to consider in making a decision about boat ownership vs. a boat club.  Boat selection, cost, time investment and training. I love it that Freedom Boat Club has a large selection of late model boats. Every time you go out on the water, it's a exciting new experience! Have you ever been on a Pontoon Boat? I have, so a huge blast with a big group!

Time investment is also important. If you own your own boat, many hours will be spent on towing, cleaning and maintenance. When joining the club: 100% of your time is spent on the water with family and friends. 

Thanks to Shawn & the crew: for showing us how the club works and for the boat ride. For the latest updates and boating fun at the Puget Sound Club, follow them on instagram and facebook.

Happy Travels, & Happy Boating!

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