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Destiny Harbor Cruises: The Ultimate Adventure on Puget Sound

A boat tour of the Puget sound and surrounding areas

* This post is in collaboration with Riviera Cruises and Destiny Harbor Tours. I received complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Summer is slipping away fast in the Seattle area. If  you are looking for ways to make the most of the warm days: explore the Puget Sound with Destiny Harbor Tours.  Cruising with this tour company is the ultimate adventure.  Last Saturday I hopped on board for a cruise around Gig Harbor and the surrounding area.

Scheduled and private tours are available both in Gig Harbor and Tacoma. I've been on both cruises, and they are so much fun! Breathtaking scenery, wildlife, history and adventure await you.

In addition to the up close views of the amazing sights: you will LOVE the Captain's narration while on the ride. He is very entertaining and a living encyclopedia of the Puget Sound.

Destiny Cruises: The Ultimate Adventure

Gig Harbor Lighthouse

I've visited Gig Harbor many times, and never knew this lighthouse existed. It's not visible from the shore. It was quite a surprise to behold as we left the harbor for open waters! The lighthouse is perched on a small sandy island at the mouth of the Puget Sound.

This looks like the perfect spot for a day at the beach. It appears most access the mini island by way of paddle boats. It's probably not the ideal spot to take a dip, but a short picnic would be fun.

Pt. Defiance

If you've ever explored Pt.Defiance Park, you've already discovered a world of beauty. However seeing it from the water side gives one a different perspective. Rugged coastline and gigantic waves of blue sea foam provide an up close view.

At one point in the journey: you can see a panorama of all 4 seacoast points at once including Brown's Pt.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Have you eve dreamed of taking a view in from under the bridge? It's been on my bucket list for quite some time. My dream finally came true last weekend.  Like most residents of the west sound, I have crossed over it many times. There are many breathtaking views from the shore, but none surpassed the views I saw from the boat!


As mentioned earlier, the Captain knew his stuff. He was born and raised in Tacoma, and his family ties here run deep. His grandpa worked on the first bridge and he told exciting stories of yesteryear, when the first bridge was being constructed.

Over the years the three different structures have acquired nick names. The first bridge constructed opened in July 1940. It was named "Galloping Gerdie." As we all know that bridge went swinging and collapsed and a new one was built.  The replacement bridge was called "Sturdy Gerdie .

The traffic over to the Kitsap Peninsula from Tacoma became a major problem. The single bridge could no longer contain the congestion. A third bridge dubbed "Thirdy Gertie" opened in July of 2007.

 Salmon Beach

This is a hidden gem not far from Pt. Defiance.  The ambiance of this waterfront location reminds me of a Boston fishing village you might see in a magazine. This spot is about as hidden as you can get, and still be in the city of Tacoma.

There are over 100 cabins, all built in a straight row. Anyone who buys real estate here, will need a big barge and lots of patience to move in!   Not many locals have visited Salmon Beach, or even seen it up close. It is all private land, including the parking lot up top.

There are a few paths and a very long staircase down to the  houses, and are not easy to navigate. Can you imagine having to climb that huge stairway everyday?! Residents must find it frustrating to bring home only a few goods at a time.

The development began around the turn of the last century. The cabins were uses as fishing shacks and short term homes for tunnel workers.  The city incorporated the area in the 1950's, and no additional structures are allowed to be built.

Mt. Rainer Views

Catching a clear view of the mountain can be challenging. Often times the top portion is covered in thick clouds.  One of the best spots on land to see Mt. Rainier is at Pt Ruston, located in North Tacoma on the waterfront.

I've been lucky to photograph this iconic view from land, but never from the water. The mountain was a bit hidden, but she did peak out behind the lighthouse on the way back.

To learn more about guided sightseeing and private charters, spend some time checking out the options and happy sailing!

Thanks for stopping by. Have you been on a cruise of the Puget Sound yet?

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